Wednesday, November 22, 2006

under rated movie hero: about joe don baker

under rated movie hero: about joe don baker
While I am new at this, my love for this actor is not. I also started another blog that you can read if you go into 'my complete profile". I recieved a question about who JDB was married to, He was married to "Maria Dolores River-Torres". He was married in 1969, and he is divorced. As is written before by others, he keeps his private life, private.
I would like to make some corrections to my first blog, one this is not posted by Joe Don Baker, This is posted by Helen Killacky, just one of the many fans that this man has. Another correction i would like to make is, he is a hugh fan and collector of Doak Walker, I misspelled Doak. Anyone who loves football knows who this is. This actor really has not been given the kudoes he should have had along time ago, and he still is out there making good movies. If you want to compare him to the actors today, you made need to look hard to find a more sincere actor. each charater that he plays, he makes the movie worth seeing. I hope to add to this list as i catch the hang of this blog stuff. Until then fall in love with the killer in "Charlie Varrick" 1973, feel for the poor guy who gets " Framed" 1975, look for the really nice guy in "The Pack",1977, how about the giggles in Joysticks" 1983. Even in the small roles (and there are'nt any small roles) like "Cape Fear", and "The Grass Harp' are all roles in which Joe Don Baker shines. I made a good friend on the computer because of my love for this man (Frances Redmond), maybe you can to. I would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

he walks tall

I am creating this blog in hopes of hearing from fans of "Joe Don Baker", if you are out there please send me your comments.I believe this man to be the most under rated movie actor since he began his career in the late 1960"s. He is most remembered for his starring role in 'Walking Tall', but he has made so many other wonderful movies for which i think his acting ability has not been noticed like it should have. You have seen him in the "Bond movies". He acted in movies with the best of the best. The man has played the hero, the villian, and the man in the street, he has shown himself to be funny, in the movie "The Dukes Of Hazzard". He can and does it all. My movie hero has been in his own movie series, "Eischied, and Mitchell, and so many made for tv movies. He was in one of the best ever made for tv movie called "The Edge Of Darkness". This is one of my favorite movies with JDB. It was a 1986 release, that i hope you saw, and if you did'nt, watch for it to come on tv. Write it down as a "must watch movie".